Who Is Your Favorite Band?

There are many great bands in Baltimore. Most of them can be heard at The Ashland Bar and Grill: Tell us who you like the best and would like to see more of.  And Why? We love to hear your comments. So who is it?: Josh Christina Band, Gordon Michaels Band,  Chubby Hoo Hoo, Code Red, Mike and Dave,  Midnight Cargo, Gram Positive, Soundstorm, Hit factory, Southpaw? Or any of the many other great bands that play monthly. Or, maybe you prefer, “Open Mic Night” 


  1. Mike and Dave is my favorite group. They are great musicians, and always leave me feeling happy that I came. Their music is terrific, they take requests, and they make the audience feel included in the fun.

    1. Josh Christina Band! A lot of fun.

  2. Kratom Leeks are so fun! They are danceable for sure, but have an air of intellect to all their songs. Also Future Islands, Outer Spaces and Wye Oak

    1. One of the best bands in my humble opinion is the Gayle Harrod Band! They are all so professional and play to the room and the crowd. I always leave feeling better and look forward to the next show!
      Cheers, Paul

    2. Flashback Band from Essex md A great band with many styles with great vocals and musicianship doing hits from the 70’s 80’s till present

  3. Automatic Slim and His Sensational Band, Blues, southern Rock, Rock and Roll. Slim is the founding father of the Kelly Bell Band , and has been performing in Baltimore for 30 years. One of the most underrated guitarists in the area.


  4. Bring back Gayle Harrod Band, please! They are awesome!!

  5. Gayle Haarod Band!

  6. Gail Harrod band is a great group of fun and talented folks! Im sure everyone would enjoy their versatile style and sets of music.

  7. Gayle Harrod Band

  8. Gayle Harrod Band. She has a great voice & a great band. Soul, blues, rock, you name it, they can play it.

  9. We just live the Gayle Weaver Jarrod Band! Can’t wait to see them again!

  10. I was just wondering when the next time The Gayle Harrod band will be playing. I really enjoyed them there earlier this year. Thank you for reading and hope to hear back from you

  11. The Gayle Harrod Band! Absolutely the best!!

  12. East Coast Flyers, Midnight Cargo, Gayle Harrod Band, Carl Filipiak and the Jimi Jazz Band

  13. The Gayle Harrod Band is always so much fun to listen to! I love their new original material and seeing Gayle engage the audience with her new wireless equipment. It’s always an entertaining evening.

  14. Gayle Harrod Band! Hands down!!

  15. I love the Gayle Harrod Band, what a feel good crew!

  16. The Gayke Harrod Band. The singer is awesome and so is the music

  17. Flashback Band from Essex ‘s Md. A great band with hits from the 70’s 80’s till present. Quality vocals and good musicianship that will keep you on the dance floor covering styles of classic rock, R&B, raggae, funk and jazz and blues leaving no one wanting

  18. Flashback Band from Essex Md. A great band playing the hits from the 70,s 80,s till present. Covering styles of classic rock R&B funk raggae jazz and blues. Great vocals and musicianship keeping folks on the dance floor

  19. Gram Positive Really Rocks- Their New singer is out of this world.

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