Who Is Your Favorite Band?

There are many great bands in Baltimore. Most of them can be heard at The Ashland Bar and Grill: Tell us who you like the best and would like to see more of.  And Why? We love to hear your comments. So who is it?: Josh Christina Band, Gordon Michaels Band,  Chubby Hoo Hoo, Code Red, Mike and Dave,  Midnight Cargo, Gram Positive, Soundstorm, Hit factory, Southpaw? Or any of the many other great bands that play monthly. Or, maybe you prefer, “Open Mic Night” 

2 thoughts on “Who Is Your Favorite Band?

  1. Mike and Dave is my favorite group. They are great musicians, and always leave me feeling happy that I came. Their music is terrific, they take requests, and they make the audience feel included in the fun.

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